10 - July - 2017

Wow! Almost 3 years since my last post... Here's an update:

Since the last post hubs and I moved from Wisconsin to Indiana. Then I decided to go back to school, so we moved back to California. To save money we moved in with my in-laws. I promptly gained no fewer than 30 lbs. Since the last post I've, no doubt, yo-yo'd my health and exercise habits. I have been really working on my mental health and getting through the issues that led to me me (Although wanting to eat healthy) gaining 30+ pounds. I've been working on my overall happiness as a person and confronting those demons that pull me into my bouts of deep dark depression.

Recently; my husband and I (Along with my brother in law) have all climbed on the same healthy eating/diet train of the Ketogenic Diet, together. Because doing things together makes them easier to attack/accomplish. Since beginning this diet, and adding in a small variety of vitamins and supplements, I'm at least 15 pounds down from what I was at my heaviest. My deep dark depression bouts come less frequently. And aside form most mornings I have a more positive outlook on life. Not bad for a pessimist.
Today marks the first day of a 60 day Keto Diet challenge. I'm not sure I have to change anything from what I was doing on the keto diet from last week, but it's nice to have that digital community as well, if nothing else.

Before our new diet began, I started keeping a personal journal. I found a refillable leather bound journal and have been keeping it for posterity or whatnot since the 9th of March, 2017. Then, after much thought and logic processing I decided to keep a food journal, this started on the 19th of May, 2017. Both have evolved from their original writing styles and intent since then, but I do still keep both. I also have been entering my food into MyFitnessPal to monitor my Macros each day.

I've also gotten away from thinking that I NEED to make lots of  money. Somewhere along the path of my life almost all of the joy was sucked out of my artistic endeavors because I couldn't think of (or didn't want to) a way to properly market myself and thus decided that these endeavors were not necessarily worth my time if the outcome could not be converted into monetary gains. BAH! The arts make me happy. That should be enough for me to invest my self into them. So I've invested in them more lately than I had been previously. It's still a struggle to let myself do those creative things that feed my soul, but it's getting better.