Don't Let Travel Trip Up Your Fitness Plan

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Don't Let Travel Trip Up Your Fitness Plan

Staying fit while traveling can be a challenge, when all you want to do is flop on the hotel bed after a busy day.  But including exercise in your travel plans can actually have a lot of benefits.

Traveling generally involves some stress, whether it's new situations, timetables, or hits to the wallet.  Exercise can alleviate a lot of the problems that come from stress.  Exercise promotes good circulation, which helps with mood, metabolism and sleep patterns.  It can also prevent fatigue and increase mental clarity.

Before booking a room, it's good to do some research.  Ask if the hotel has a gym, and what machines it has.  You can also ask if there are walking trails in the area, and if there are facilities for tennis, basketball, or renting bikes nearby.  A great way to exercise is swimming.  Find out if there's an indoor or outdoor pool at the hotel.

Rather than waiting until you arrive at the hotel to find out what it has to offer, do some research ahead of time so that you know exactly what you can expect. On my most recent trip, I found a travel review site that listed the top hotels in San Francisco. I was able to read about each hotel and choose one that had a 24-hour fitness facility. It made things much easier for me.

Nowadays, with so many people interested in fitness, hotels are offering more than the basic gym.  Many are providing fitness and yoga classes.  Even airports are promoting a healthy lifestyle.  San Francisco International has a yoga/Zen room and Minneapolis-St. Paul International features walking paths.

You can bring your own exercise equipment on your trip, too.  A jump rope and a resistance band don't weigh much and don't take up much room.  You can also bring a heart monitor if you want.  If you can't fit your regular exercise shoes into your suitcase, you can get a pair of lightweight travel sneakers.  They'll be fine for a walk or a run.

Don't forget the healthy food while you're traveling.  Forbes writer Jennifer Cohen suggests bringing oatmeal packets and using the hot water from the coffee maker to fix them. Also, avoid the pastries and go for yogurt instead Exercising on a trip can take some extra planning, but the benefits in better health and more energy are worth it.  You may even come back feeling better than when you left.

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