February 19th 2013

-----Author's Note----
The following and all proceeding entries have an air of melancholy and defeatist. They are full of excuses, and were written by a depressed me. More recently I've taken control of my mood and I CHOOSE to be positive from now on. I will leave the previous entries published so that I can remember where I came from and where I don't want to go again. (There were some good days, but not many.) 

So; I've decided to take the BeachBody Challenge. It's definitely not cheap, nor is it exactly in our budget. But since we're spending so much of my tax return money on it, I need to make sure it's worth it. I've talked it out with each of the household members, and set a time, each day, that I have set aside for me to exercise. I've let everyone know that I may not be able to eat with everyone at their odd meal times. I'm doing my best to make sure that everyone knows that I'm trying to take this seriously, and they should too. It was fairly disappointing for me to get standoffish and short, emotionless responses from my beach body coach, but then again; she's just a person, and I may be reading into it too much. Regardless, I'm undeterred from my mission. On Monday (or whenever my programs get here) I will be starting my challenge. I opted for getting a new program, because I want to dance. I also want something that's not as repetitive as the NYC ballet workout. I also find that after a few weeks of the Turbo Fire program anymore, I get angry at it, and stop enjoying it. I did, however, enjoy Turbo Fire for several months the first go-round, and did see some actual results. After watching and re-watching all of the info-videos for all of the "dancy" options I was presented with, I decided against the Brazil Butt Lift. It just didn't appeal to me. I did however, opt for both the Rockin Body program and the Hip Hop Abs challenge pack. Rockin Body was only $20, and the Hip Hop Abs came with the Shakeology at a discount. And I like Shakeology. I had Shakeology when I got results with Turbo Fire. But instead of the single serve variety pack, I opted for just the greenberry bag. Between the two of them, I liked that one best, and I'm still wary of the tropical one. This weekend, we'll have to go grocery shopping, and get foods I can eat with the program. I'm really really excited about starting this! It gives me a super excuse to eat like I actually want to; Healthy, and at decent hours. I'll start Monday, or whenever my package arrives. I think I already said that. Since I'm going to take the challenge, I'll probably be posting regular updates of my progress. Squee! The only bad thing: if this does work, I will not fit in the bridesmaids dress I just paid for. But if that's my only problem... I'm out of problems.

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